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>> Monday, September 6, 2010

1. I'm so empty... but my head's so full--dont know though, full of what...
2. I've made a choice! I'll stay, no matter what. I love my friends, I love my cubicle... I love the crowd... I refused the great offer from the best one.
3. My hubby and I, we're both have to let 'our love' go... for now... And it hurt me badly... I've lost something I really love and dream... For my own sake and my beloved one... Sorry baby... Sorry...
4. Try to smile all the time, all day, every minutes, every second... no matter what, just to make everyone know I'm okay. But inside... Destruction!
5. Hurting... very sick... very sad...
6. I love my peeps @ Ema... I can't stand for being far away from 'em...
7. Recently caught write a bad note by one who actually I address my remarks to... (hihihi)
8. Need a real friend. But... it difficult to seek a friend that has qualities of a real friend...
9. Lost my trust to everyone I trust.
10. I'm getting smaller... I guess.
11. Count the day... 'til my last breath...


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