Am I Freak or... just addicted?

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh... I am an India's addict.
Shah Rukh Khan & Rani Mukerji's fans.
And the songs...(OMG) I've downloaded some--not some but hundreds maybe--of it. I love the beat. It's unique and makes me always wanna dance.
And the Dance (wooo...) it's enchanting. That's why I learn to dance it... though my feet's hurt... and I have to endure it twice a week...

My friends and some of my family said that I'm weird.
They think India's songs or movies aren't appropriate for someone like me... (so which one then?)

But off-course... I didn't give a damn of it!!!
They're all thought India's thing is suit for peeps that (indonesian said:) 'Udik' or 'Kampungan'.
So I just LOL.
I still love Shah Rukh Khan... Still love the dance... and their music.


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