>> Saturday, October 17, 2009

is the title of my new Novel.

"Kau Tersenyumlah"

What language is that--Tu Muskura?

I dont know. One day, I'd watched this Bolly movie, Yuvraaj. One of d' soundtrack is amazing!
And the title is Tu Muskura.
The song blows my mind. It's beautiful.
And one day, the story just popped-up, and i found myself wrote it non-stoping. Insane.

And the second reason (off-course) because the story itself told about a new rising actress who's adore a Bollywood actor, named Soma.

What is it about?
It's about... love

These are some of the character:

1. Lea (Aulea)
23 years old, an ordinary girl, with sweet smile on her face; long-dark hair, 166 cm, suffer for years in family problem, and adore Soma Saidan so much.
Note: Lea's character based on sweet Jessica Alba. I think she's very sweet.

2. Soma (Soma Saidan)
27 years-old, a bolly-actor, mysterious, unpredictable and extremely gorgeous with green eyes and reddish-dark hair; tall, perfect posture. His appearance always makes Lea lose her mind.
(I think this guy match with Soma's look)

3. Kenneth (Kenneth Altis), Lea's manager.
Attractive, strict but caring. Lovable. 33 years-old. Single. Afraid of marriage but fond of sexiest girls. He's Lea's shoulder to cry on, her wing-man. He's face will remind us to Ari Wibowo.

4. Brody (Brody Samuel), Lea's partner in all serial movies
Handsome and lil' bit naughty. 28 years-old, a doctor, tan-skin, and a dragon tattoo on his neck. Easy-going and tender. He's Lea best friend and adviser.
Note: Brody's character based on Chris Pine (Oh, I love him!)

5. Anggita (Anggita Wijaya), friend (Brody's fiancee)
Beautiful, with a foreign look, blue eyes, and brown hair. 23 years-old. Hysterical and moody, but loving. In love with Brody sooo much, that have to fight for his love.
Note: I really love Blake Lively, when I wrote the story

6. Din (Din Pandia), friend
He has a young "Tio Pakusodewo's" look, cold attitude, but kind. 33 years-old, a bank manager. A married guy, and love his wife so much. Lea loves him as a brother.

I hope I can finish this story with high speed.  


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